TechniaTranscat Software Webinar Series - Making Product Creation Easier!

August 07, 2017

Join our upcoming Technia Transcat Webinars. Learn how we optimize your work with ENOVIA and CATIA! See use cases, customer examples and live demos from the product experts.

In the upcoming weeks we will present:

September 21st, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
TT Integration Framework (TIF)

  • Integrate ENOVIA with Enterprise Systems
  • Ensure integration tasks are logged, traceable and monitored
  • Look at real examples of TIF implementations

October 5th, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
xCompare: Handle Model Modifications in CATIA and JT

  • Part, Product and Drawing Comparison of two model releases in CATIA and JT
  • Documents all modifications: Geometry, Attributes and FT&A for MBD / 3D Master
  • Automated conversion validation from CATIA to JT

November 9th, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET: 
TechniaTranscat Engineering Experience (TEE) – Lean Engineering

  • Your first step into PLM
  • Agile team management in context of Project Management
  • How to connect people, data and project on one screen

November 23rd, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
Custom Development for CATIA, ENOVIA and JTE

  • Enhance the User Experience of CATIA, ENOVIA and JT
  • Automate your work in PLM and
  • Add new sophisticated functionality to optimize your product creation


More events to come, we’ll keep you posted.

Please choose your webinar and register.