Webinar on Demand: TechniaTranscat Products

February 08, 2016

In this webinar you will learn what's new in the TechniaTranscat software Value Components and Integration Framework

Some of the highlights:

  • Next generation UI's of the Value Components is here leveraging performance efficient client side rendering
  • Collaborative flows – Guide your users through their daily product development work using visual workflows and notifications
  • Integration Framework – Distribute the heavy lifting, integrate report and file package generation, use collaboration to notify integration job events

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Presenter: Anders Axelsson

Business Development Executive, TechniaTranscat

Anders Axelsson is a Product Owner within TechniaTranscat Software Division. He has 15 years of experience from PLM implementations and software development related to PLM across a wide range of industries. Anders mission is to simplify adaption of PLM by guiding the R&D teams on where to go with our unique and gap own software products and constantly interact with our customers and stakeholders.