Webinar: How to Turn Part ReUse into a Competitive Advantage

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Research has shown that on average 80% of an engineers’ time can be spent on identical or almost identical design work to something that already exists within their company.

Join this live webinar to learn how your organization can benefit from reduced costs and increased market share, with the effective use of EXALEAD OnePart from Dassault Systemes.

Discover how EXALEAD OnePart allows you to:

  • Easily identify existing components within your organization

  • Find parts that can effectively be reused

  • Ultimately reduce design costs, time-to-market, and production costs

Join TechniaTranscat during this webinar, to see the benefits achieved by companies that have already deployed EXALEAD OnePart solutions, including:

    • 5% reduction of duplicate parts, resulting in a high seven-figure annual cost avoidance

    • 300% increase in the number of successful searches per user, resulting in a dramatic decrease in part duplications

    • 8% reduction in Make Bill of Material costs

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Webinar Host: James Goodale

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EXALEAD OnePart-TechniaTranscat-Intrincys

Webinar Host: James Goodale

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