PLM for the Life Sciences Industry

The challenges in the Life Sciences industry are well known; a constant search for new ways to reduce time to market, decrease launch time of new products, streamline processes, make the packaging process less complex, increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same time meet regulatory demands. 

These questions are very important and require constant attention. But they can be dealt with more effectively, and this is where we at TechniaTranscat come in. We’re specialists in helping companies to drastically reduce product development costs and deliver products to market much faster than the competition – whilst enabling you to meet regulatory compliance – through a smart use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. This solution is something many of your colleagues in the industry already benefit from.

Apart from an all-too-common lack of a single system for the handling of structure and documents, there is also the dilemma of how to most effectively collaborate with extended enterprises and to get patents approved. Both future investments, quality control and regulatory requirements are at stake. A PLM-solution from TechniaTranscat deals with all these problems, and we have the cases to prove it. Through us your company will not only become more effective, more competitive and more profitable, but also be able to meet the demands from the owners, clients and the government.

Business Value of PLM

  • Creates one structure for the handling of information and a connection of processes, organisation and production
  • A more effective work in project form with a stable knowledge transfer between business critical departments
  • Turning Market Requirements into Product Design
  • Ensure FDA and MDD compliance throughout your product lifecycle process
  • Reduce product development cost and deliver products faster to market
  • Speeds up the patent process
  • A better collaboration with your extended enterprise
  • Creates possibilities for a more effective planning and evaluation of the business
  • Reduces the critical time to market for new products.


Medical Device PLM Solutions

PLM is a proven solution in the Medical Device industry to reduce time-to-market by making the product development process much more efficient and at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance in your business.

Highlights and Benefits of DS Medical Device PLM Solutions:

  • Speed compliance process by integrating regulations into product development (design for compliance) and e-submission.
  • Increase business agility by streamlining design collaboration and managing team activities to be in line with project goals and user requirements.
  • Reduce time to market through one cohesive solution that allows collaboration of design information and visibility into the complete product development process. 
  • Develop strategic suppliers and partners by bringing together supplier quality history into the sourcing process.
  • Balance speed versus control by improving common enterprise processes, then track and measure those processes as a basis for improvement
  • Meet customer needs by maintaining traceability from ideation to commercialization and obsolescence
  • Drive material costs down by publishing material specifications across brands, regions and categories to create efficient procurement processes.
  • Achieve cost savings through lean and efficient re-use of Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Enable design and manufacturing outsourcing by creating a centrally managed global virtual work teams and using a single repository to store all product information throughout their life cycle.

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ENOVIA implementation with Value
Components helps Orion with lifecycle
management, information consistency and
to reduce time to market.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech PLM Solutions

The challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry are well known: A constant search for new ways to reduce time to market, streamline processes, increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same time meet regulatory demands. And strategic alliances play a more and more important role, for example strategic alliances with companies that develop your products or carry out clinical trials for you.

These questions are very important and require constant attention and drastic changes. But they can be dealt with effectively, and this is where TechniaTranscat comes in.

Our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution is a strategic collaboration platform that allows you to be more innovative and speeds up the market authorization and launching processes of new drugs. TechniaTranscat has experiences from working with leading Pharmceutical companies. These companies are already realizing the value in PLM.

A PLM solution increase business agility by streamlining product development processes to be in line with project goals and market requirements by maintaining the traceability from product ideation to commercialization and obsolescence. In the industry where standardization and quality is a matter of utmost importance, PLM helps companies maintain product quality level while driving materials costs down through lean and efficient use of Intellectual Property (IP). PLM also help companies better manage their strategic suppliers and partners by bringing them earlier in the development process and by keeping track of their performance level.

A PLM solution from TechniaTranscat does this:

  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise governance (including NPDI, document management, BOM management, change management, project management)
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Product and systems engineering
  • Scientific process management
  • Manufacturing and production management
  • Post market sales and support

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