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When PLM is introduced in a company, many departments and employees are affected. Processes and routines are reviewed and changed. TechniaTranscat, a PLM market leader, has developed several tools and methods for the implementation to be smooth and cost efficient.

PLM gives a company many opportunities but it is important to integrate the new system and the re-defined processes step by step. We are good at that, in charge of quality, guiding our customers to successful implementations by sharing our best practice PLM system and process knowledge.

In general, a PLM implementation must be done so that the positive effects come fast and the temporary dip in efficiency, inevitable with any change, is minimized. It is similar to when an elevator is built into a building that previously didn't have one. The improvement will be great and all tenants will be positively affected. The key success factor is to disrupt the ongoing operations as little as possible during the installation.

When we introduce PLM, we use lean principles: we minimize waste, maximize value and work in a step-by-step flow with early feedback and continuous improvements. Results come early and are optimized by implementing PLM in areas where the benefits are the greatest.

Two different types of PLM service offerings

PLM Project Services

For companies that implement a PLM solution for the first time, TechniaTranscat offers PLM Project Services based on the customers’ needs and our experiences.

Packaged PLM Services

For companies that already use ENOVIA PLM, TechniaTranscat offers a wide range of cost efficient service packages for upgrading, monitoring, increasing performance and otherwise maintaining the system.

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