TechniaTranscat supports WMF with ICEM Surf

Keeping on top of surface design

Thanks to a comprehensive software update, the modelling studio at WMF AG in Geislingen has continued their many years of successful modelling of top-quality design surfaces with ICEM Surf in the product development department. Karlsruhe specialists, TechniaTranscat (formerly Transcat PLM) were responsible for ensuring this very recent update and likewise for providing intensive training programmes to aid the fast and effective usage of the software package.

One of WMF’s claims is their ability to set themselves apart with quality and innovation in terms of both shape and design. This strategy has enabled products from all brands within the WMF group to achieve a high degree of market acceptance. The company also places similarly high demands on the fields of surface quality, styling and product design. This is why the long-established company has chosen to implement high-tech solutions like ICEM Surf.

For over 20 years, the software has been one of the leading Class A surface modelling tools and supplements the existing CAD environment, adapting the workflow to suit the developmental process, even with increasingly complex products. TechniaTranscat’s expertise as long-term partners of WMF were needed for the migration to the latest software version. As a gold-certified premium Dassault Systèmes partner, TechniaTranscat has a huge depth of knowledge when it comes to design surface modelling.

This expertise was then imparted to the WMF design department as part of a detailed training programme so that the company can enjoy the full benefits of this software investment. In this latest update, version 4.11, the ICEM Surf software is expanded to include a range of new functions and features, without losing any of its tried and tested user friendliness. For example, the updated software offers improved data integrity and simplifies the data exchange between the different systems used for product development, resulting in increased productivity in the design process with CAD data.

Photo © WMF

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