JT Consulting

Leverage JT in your processes

What do we offer?

TechniaTranscat has more than 10 years experience in JT development, services and consulting

Strategic JT workshops

  • Identify processes and use cases for JT
  • Create guidelines and concepts

Support in JT translation

  • Validation of translation process
  • Optimization of translator config
  • Error handling with affected parties

Implement Lite3D applications in customer environment

  • Web viewing, Revision stable work instructions, batch and process implementations, etc.

Service development

  • More than 20 years experience in custom development projects
  • Powerful Lite3D platform based on own JT ISO toolkit

JT Consulting


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LiteBox3D Desktop

LiteBox3D is an easy to use JT viewer, based on the specification of the JT ISO standard. Moreover PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML and TIFF files are supported. This free of cost desktop viewer can be extended with add-on applications for IP protection, model comparison and quality validation. LiteBox3D Pro extends the capabilities of the free viewer with redlining, 3DHTML export, etc. For further details refer to the feature list below.

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