Bidirectional VDAFS interface for CATIA V5

The VDA surface interface (VDAFS) is a neutral CAD interface which permits the interchange of 3D geometries between different CAD systems. Expanding on the VDAFS standard, the Transcat VDAFS Processor transfers not only points, curves and surface bases elements, but even solids via the VDAFS TOP element.

The TechniaTranscat VDAFS Processor for CATIA V5, developed in the framework of the CAA partnership with Dassault Systèmes, supports VDAFS Version 2.0. An outstanding feature is its full integration with CATIA V5. CATIA V5 models can be converted to VDAFS format by simply using ‘File-Save As’ on the CATIA File menu. In the same way, VDAFS files can be opened as CATIA models with the ‘File-Open’ menu sequence.

In addition to the interactive CATIA integration, the product also includes a graphic user interface (GUI) variant for use outside of CATIA and a batch module for integration into automated data exchange tools.

Although more complex interfaces, like STEP are becoming widely accepted for data exchange between CAD systems, the VDAFS interface for CATIA V5 is not losing its importance. Thanks to its simplicity and the well-defined scope of supported elements, VDAFS is very well suited for communication with non-CAD systems such as measuring machines and stereolithographic machines.


Bidirectional VDAFS Interface

  • Available for all CATIA V5 platforms
  • Very simple handling
  • Full integration in CATIA V5
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Support of topologies and solids
  • Different operating modes
    - Interactive in CATIA
    - GUI for use without CATIA
    - Batch mode

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