Grid Browser

TechniaTranscat’s Grid Browser module allows you to aggregate, compare, and edit hundreds of complex data and relationships objects in a single view. The Grid Browser allows you to saves thousands of clicks and time opening windows. Lay your data out in a way that makes sense, in a powerful and compact view.

Save thousands of clicks, and hours of wasted time with the Grid Browser!

The power of Matrices in ENOVIA

The Grid Browser allows you to arrange objects in both columns and rows providing new possibilities for comparing, visualizing and editing important data, and providing a better overview for decision-making.


The Grid Browser aggregates different information objects alongside each other and the associated attribute data in a two-dimensional matrix. This makes it easy to compare different objects (like products and suppliers) and see the total impact across the entire system. You can create and edit dependencies directly from the grid view, where the different data values are illustrated in color in order to make the view as easy to understand as possible. No opening separate windows! Editing the data in the grid is possible just by clicking the cell! Mass editing allows you to make changes on the entire structure saving endless hours opening new windows or related objects.

Technical information

  • Support for all ENOVIA business applications
  • Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools
  • Pure Java object oriented architecture
  • Support for 10.7 to  V6R2018x
  • Requires TVC Structure Browser.

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