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Unplug... take your data wherever you go! TechniaTranscat's Personal Browser Component expands the reach of ENOVIA information by making it available offline. Users can refer to product information, engineering requirements, and documents regardless of where they are or how they are connected to the network

You should not be limited by your network connection!

Many critical decisions regarding a product’s future are made outside the design and engineering offices and away from the ENOVIA environment.

  • Field service technicians consult documentation, drawings and structures when deciding how to repair or replace faulty parts.
  • Managers share product structures and documentation with suppliers without giving them total access to the ENOVIA environment.
  • Salespeople quickly refer to product structures and marketing documentation when planning their customer meetings.

At times like these, decision makers do not want to be bound to the network. Instead, they want to package the full power of ENOVIA and take it with them.

If they can’t, they waste time gathering information manually or risk making uninformed decisions and therefore costly mistakes.

The Personal Browser Component puts ENOVIA data in a compact, easy-to-use, portable package that mimics the functionality of the online application. It allows users to select the information they need and refer to it anywhere. It maintains ENOVIA security and access rules so that critical information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Technical Information

  • Support for all ENOVIA business applications
  • Easy to configure through XML or with configuration object (Spinner / TCL)
  • Pure Java object oriented architecture
  • Support for all versions from 10.7 to V6R2018x.

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